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Creative English Teacher
Data dodania: 2015.12.07

Nr referencyjnyF-818
Data zamieszczenia oferty2015.12.07
Data ważności oferty 2017.01.01
StanowiskoCreative English Teacher
Miejsce pracyWarszawa
Typ ofertyOferta Pracy
WymaganiaYOU ARE: ...
An experienced teacher: you are a real professional and a truly dedicated teacher who loves education; you know how to present activities in a creative and an interesting way; you are constantly looking for personal and professional development.
Personable: you support collaborative environment; you are practical, honest and kind; you are eager to embrace new challenges.
A good role model: your English language proficiency level is rather high; you have the experience of living, working or studying in any English-speaking countries; you are a good interlocutor who enjoys communicating with others.
Zakres obowiązkówYOU WILL:
Teach students of different age and language levels, i.e. Preschool (3-4), kindergarten level (5-6), and primary level (7-13).

Oferowane warunkiWork in a supportive and collegial atmosphere.
Master your teaching methods and techniques, and broaden your cultural perspectives.
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